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Next Intermediate Class Starting!

Just a quick heads up!

The intermediate 8 week class starts Wednesday, the 1st of February. The cost of this class is $295 and includes your tool kit.

On your first night of class you will receive a punch card that has 24 squares for 24 hours of instructional time.  Each time you come in for class you will punch a square for every hour you are here working.  This gives you a little more flexibility for your schedule in case you have to miss a week or only want to stay for one or two hours.

The intermediate class is more individualized in that you will work with us to pick a project of your choosing and we will offer instruction on the individual things you need to know for your specific project.  At the same time – even if its something you don’t necessarily need to know for your project- you can listen in when we are instructing someone else on a specific technique. The bulk of your time will be spent honing your skills in pattern development, glass cutting and soldering. Abstract Class

And don’t worry if you can’t start the first Wednesday of February.  The beauty of this class is you can start whenever it works for your schedule.

We’ll explain more details of how the intermediate class works when you are here for your first class advanced classes.

Just call or email us if you want to start in February.  Hope to see you soon!

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Holiday Hours Reminder

Just a quick reminder to folks that we will be open next week on Tuesday, December 20 (10 – 2), Wednesday, December 21 and Thursday, December 22 (10 -6)  We will closed for the holidays from Friday, December 23rd – Monday, January 2nd.  We will re-open on Tuesday, January 3rd at 10:00 AM.

We still have room in our January classes, so send us an email if you want to sign up!

Happy Hanukkah!  Merry Christmas!  And a very Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Years to all our friends, clients and customers!

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Studio Holiday Schedule

Hey gang, we will not be open for studio time tonight (Wednesday, November 16th).  Electrical problem has been solved so those of you who had to leave on Tuesday are welcome to come in on Thursday morning to make up the time.  If Thursday doesn’t work, you can come in Saturday.  Please email or call me with your plans.

The studio will be closed next week for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We will re-open on Tuesday, November 29th at 10:00 AM.



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Glaskolben Classes are Posted for November

Its that time of year again, folks!  Join us on a Saturday in November to blow your own glass ornaments for the holidays.  They make great gifts as an ornament or you can leave the pipette attached and use it as a plant watering device.  Either way its a fun filled day!   Markay Giving a Demo On GlasskolbenEach student receives 10 glass blanks to blow into their own personalized glass ornament.  Cost is $125.00 and includes all materials for the ornaments.  Students will need to bring one canister of Mapp gas with them to class.  Call today to sign up.

Saturday, November 5th, 9 – noon

Saturday, November 12th, 9 – noon

Saturday, November 19th, 9 – noon

Saturday, December 3rd, 9 – noon

Saturday, December 10th, 9 – noon

Students must be 18 years of age or older to take this class – NO EXCEPTIONS!  All students should come dressed in tighter clothing that is made of natural fibers.  Long hair should be tied back.  Students will need to plan to return later in the afternoon or on another day to pick up their annealed ornaments.  Minimum 4 students; Maximum 8 students.

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Studio Closed for Vacation

The Studio will be closed from Sunday, August 28 through Monday, September 5th so that we can travel to Florida and celebrate with Markay’s parents their 60th Wedding Anniversary.  We will re-open with regular business hours and a resumption of evening classes and studio time on Tuesday, September 6th.  Happy Labor Day to all our friends, clients and students.  Celebrate safely and we’ll see you in September!

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August 2016 Schedule

We hope you all are enjoying your summer and staying cool!  We’ve been busy at the studio this month with classes and commission work – enjoying old friends and making new friends!  This August we will not be holding classes as we work to get caught up on our own work before the fall hits which has been a traditionally busy time for classes.  We are currently taking enrollment for our September and October classes, so feel free to stop by, email or call us to enroll today!  Since we will not be holding classes in August we will be closing on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 PM, so no studio time for those of you who normally come in in the evenings to socialize and work.  We will still have daytime studio hours and Saturday studio hours.  If you wish to come in and work during those times (Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 – 1; Saturdays 10 – 4) please call or email us at least 24 hours ahead of time to schedule your time.

We will closed the week of August 28th until Monday, September 5th for vacation.  We will reopen on Tuesday, September 6th with normal business hours.

Questions?  Feel free to email us at or call 224-735-2376.


What in the World is going on with the Glass Industry?!!

As many of you have heard already, Spectrum Glass Company announced a few weeks ago that they will be going out of business.  This was a shock to everyone in the industry, and we will be sorry for the loss of their presence in the stained glass and fusing glass industry.  

In addition, we are sure you have also heard or read about the EPA’s involvement in trying to determine the presence of toxic chemicals leaching into water, air and ground soil near the locations of Bullseye Glass Co. and Uroboros Glass Co., both located in Portland, OR.  Bullseye has been issued a temporary cease and desist order by the Governor of Oregon who seems to be responding to concerned citizen demands for some visible action.  To date, however, no one has been able to determine that Bullseye or Uroboros are the culprits in this issue and both companies have worked fast to add filters and begin making some changes to glass production that would allow them to meet the new standards that the EPA is working to impose.  The issue for us is not should these standards be imposed – for of course, we all want the people who live, work and go to school near these industries to be safe, but how fast the EPA is demanding these small batch glass manufacturing companies who are privately owned, be asked to make these improvements.  Many larger industries have, in the past been given years to become compliant with these standards.  The financial burden it puts on a small company is enough that it could potentially force a company out of business.  This was one of the issues that Spectrum pointed to in its decision to cease production, however there were many others as well.  

Both Bullseye and Uroboros have indicated to us that they plan to be fully compliant with the EPA’s requirements by the end of the summer.  Uroboros has also informed its retailers and distributors that they plan to continue making their System 96 glass and will be taking on the production of many of Spectrum’s System 96 glass colors although the glass is going to look a little different in terms of texture.  Because Spectrum did not inform the distributors or Uroboros of their decision prior to making it public knowledge, they were all caught with normal production and supply levels.  Because people panicked in light of the announcement, there was a run on the glass by people buying as much as they could, so our wholesaler is currently out of stock on most System 96 glass.  In addition, because the Governor of Oregon has issued the cease and desist letter to Bullseye, we will be in short supply of their glass through the end of the summer as well.


When Spectrum made their announcement they also said they would be producing glass for the next 60 days and any glass we are able to get we will try to get for customers, however we will not be bulk buying this glass.  If you need something, call or stop by and we will see

From Our Family to Yours

From Our Family to Yours

if its in stock or if we can get some.  Wissmach and Uroboros are two companies that produce a 96 COE glass as well as regular stained glass.  We have already added both to our stock and we are confident of their ability to carry us through the summer until Uroboros can get the Spectrum glass up and running.  You can help us by pre-ordering anything you think you are going to need over the summer.  

Wissmach and Uroboros also make 90 COE glass so we will continue carrying them as well.  Again, pre-orders are helpful.


It means you will need to consider using some of the the other beautiful stained glass manufactured by other companies.  We carry glass from Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co., Wissmach Glass Co., Armstrong Glass, Uroboros, Bullseye, Youghigeny, Pilkington, Oceana, Fremont, St. Just, Chroma, VanGogh, Duncan, and St. Gobain.  While it is a loss to our industry to have Spectrum close its doors, they are relative new comers to the stained glass industry and there are many other companies to choose from to allow you to make beautiful windows, doors, transoms, boxes, and lamps.  


We think it is important to let our political representatives know that Glass Art is an important medium in the art world, and as such should be regulated in such a way as to allow those who do the art to have access to the glass and other things needed to make their art, and at the same time to be good neighbors and protect the environment as much as possible without destroying the industry.  There are ways to do this, but as with all things, it costs money.  At Suevel Studios, we will be letting our representatives know that we agree with the efforts to keep the industry clean, but we feel they also need to avoid putting undue burdens on small batch, family owned companies, and instead give them a reasonable amount of time to apply the necessary changes, just as has been done in the past for multi-billion dollar corporations. If you feel so inclined, adding your voice to the message can only help!