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New Uroboros Has Arrived

The new Uroboros has arrived and we are cutting it up for the shelves.  In trying to help our customers we are expanding our 90 COE glass by adding Uroboros to our fusing glass.  As you can see they have colors as beautiful if not more beautiful than some other companies.  Stop on by and take a look and remember if its not here we can get it for you!

New 90 COE Uroboros!

New 90 COE Uroboros!

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Stained Glass Garden Stakes Workshop

June 21st and June 28:  1:00-4:00.  Join us this summer to make unique and charming stained glass garden stakes to decorate your yard or to give away as gifts.  This course will give basic instruction in glass cutting and shaping, foiling and reinforcing a free form piece, soldering and finishing.  Come celebrate the season with us!!

2 sessions, 3 hours ea.  Cost: $75.00 includes tool rental fee and 3- 12” copper rods.  Students must supply or purchase their own glass.

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Celia’s Lamp

A fun thing about the studio is you get to meet wonderful people, artists and make new friends. This is our friend Celia and she is one of those very talented glass artists. Celia has been working hard for some time now on putting together a couple of lamps. The lamps are a combination of stained glass and mosaics. Celia you did a great job!


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Larry’s Plane

Larry came in and wanted to make a nice present for his son-in-law, who is an avid wood worker. Larry's Plane 2Larry's PlaneLarry had an idea, but he wasn’t real confident with his drawing abilities. So, after giving him a little help with the drawing this is what Larry came up with. Nice going Larry!

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Are you a hardcore lampworker?

Are you a hardcore lampworker? Over the past couple of months we have had quite a few people come in the studio and ask for boro tubing and rods. Well, you asked and our first order has just arrived!  We are hoping to create a permanent space for Simax and other borosilicate glass; SimaxSo, for the next couple of months we will be ordering and having boro rods and tubing available on a trial basis. If you know someone that does this type of lampworking let them know and we will do what we can to help them out.  If we don’t have what you need we can order the item and normally in 3 to 5 business days we can have the item for you as a will call pick-up at our studio.

Simax glass is an excellent quality borosilicate glass with a coefficient of expansion (COE) of 33. Simax glass is perfectly clear, smooth, and non-porous. Artists value Simax glass for its high optic quality and slightly longer working time.

Markay and SimaxBorosilicate like Simax is uniquely suited to industrial uses due to its high heat-resistance and chemical stability. It is not harmful to the environment. These same properties make Simax glass the perfect choice for all laboratory applications, scientific applications and household cook-wear where the glass may be exposed to high temperatures or abrupt temperature changes.

Simax glass is fully compatible with other brands of 33 COE borosilicate glass tubing and rod including Pyrex from Corning.