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Next Intermediate Class Starting!

Just a quick heads up!

The intermediate 8 week class starts Wednesday, the 1st of February. The cost of this class is $295 and includes your tool kit.

On your first night of class you will receive a punch card that has 24 squares for 24 hours of instructional time.  Each time you come in for class you will punch a square for every hour you are here working.  This gives you a little more flexibility for your schedule in case you have to miss a week or only want to stay for one or two hours.

The intermediate class is more individualized in that you will work with us to pick a project of your choosing and we will offer instruction on the individual things you need to know for your specific project.  At the same time – even if its something you don’t necessarily need to know for your project- you can listen in when we are instructing someone else on a specific technique. The bulk of your time will be spent honing your skills in pattern development, glass cutting and soldering. Abstract Class

And don’t worry if you can’t start the first Wednesday of February.  The beauty of this class is you can start whenever it works for your schedule.

We’ll explain more details of how the intermediate class works when you are here for your first class advanced classes.

Just call or email us if you want to start in February.  Hope to see you soon!

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Need More Room

Need more room?

There are times when we are drawing a cartoon for a new stained glass window and a realization hits you smack in the face that you need more room. We have the luxury in the studio of taking the drawing to another table, but sometimes those tables are full of projects or the drawing is just big enough that we still need more space. So, were do we go? Well, we take our drawings to the wall. Yep, that’s right the wall.Wall drawing

There are a couple of great things about drawing on the wall. First is the surface area you have to work with is MUCH bigger than your little table. Think about it for a moment? Most walls are eight to ten feet tall and as long as the room; for us that is well over 30 feet. Second thing about using the wall and probably my favorite thing is that as you draw the cartoon you can step back every now and then to get a better perspective of how an item will look in your window. More than a few times I’ve drawn something and up close it looks great and then I’ve take that step back and realized the item is too big, too small or for that matter just doesn’t fit at all in the design of the window. And as I get older the other wonderful thing about drawing on the wall is that my head does not have to be bent over straining the back of my neck, you’re just looking forward.Wall drawing 3

So next time your drawing your cartoon whether its large or small try this and see how you like it. You wont be disappointed.

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Light Table

How many times have you worked on a project and said to yourself how nice it would be to have a light table for drawing or even painting.  Not many can afford a large table like we have, but everyone has a window! The drawing Eric is doing was too long for our light table at 98″ so he is working the window in segments and doing it on our front window. Just some food for thought.