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If you are having a hard time seeing everything in the Month view click on Agenda just to the right of Month and it will give you a clean scroll view. Hope that helps ya!

17 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. is there anyway to get more of the class title to appear on the calendar…. when all you see is ‘Intro to” … you need to click on every class in every day to see what is offered….

    or maybe some abbreviations at the start of the calendar post –
    ISG -Intro to Stain Glass
    IBM – Intro Bead Making
    IF -Intro Fusing
    IM – Intro Mosaic)

    At least w/ most of the Begining classes one can see the first letter of the next word so you can tell what Beg S or Beg F

    I also miss the option to print the calendar….


    • Joelle all great Ideas and we will try to see if we can adjust a few things to make it easier. Thanks for the input!

      • Another thing you can do to get a better view of the items is to select “week” or “agenda” as the view property of the calendar and then you can see the whole thing.

  2. Am I missing the advanced fusing classes. I can’t seem to find them. Zena

    • No, you’re not missing the class. Currently we do not have a class, but should have another one in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Where can I find more information on the Intro to Beadmaking class?

    • Bead making is actually called Lampworking and you can find that on our classes page. Then watch for it on the calendar. 🙂

  4. Ahhh. Thanks! 😀

  5. Where is the “menu” list of classes with descriptions and prices? Looking at calendar doesn’t give all this info.
    Looking for advanced classes.

  6. Are you going to do any Friday, one skill classes on fusing. I am pretty advanced but still have sooooo much to learn. mold making, painting on glass, screen melts and lots more. Thanks,

    • Zena, I apologize for the delay. We are trying to work out some one day classes and hope to have them out soon. Another thing we are trying to do is have a famous glass artist this fall; which, we will tell everyone about later.

  7. that would be awesome. Thanks, Zena

  8. Any chance the stained glass quick and easy foil class could be held on Mondays at some point? I am not available Tuesday or Wednesday evenings and I’d really love to take this class!

  9. Last year I saw someone making some really cool fused glass ornament while I was there. Are you going to have a class or workshop for that before the holidays?

    • Nancy if you look at the calendar for November and December you will see the dates. If this is something you are interested in check the dates and call the studio ASAP. It is a first come first serve for this class and can only be reserved by paying for the class. Hope to see you!

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