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Mosaics Classes

  • Mosaics – Quick and Easy
  • 3 Sessions, 3 Hours each session.  Tuition: $135.00 + materials.  Tuition includes the use studio tools and the 8″ wood tile for the direct method project.  In this beginning level class students will create one project of their own design using vitreous glass tiles.  The project will use the direct application method on an 8″ plywood substrate tile.  Participants will learn basic glass cutting skills and “andamenti”- or patterns of laying tiles. Each student will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors of glass to create his/her own unique pieces. This is a great class to learn the basics of the direct method of doing mosaic art.   Students should contact the studio for a supplies list.
  • Intermediate Mosaics  – 8 Sessions, Three Hours each session.  Tuition: $195.00 + materials and tools. In this intermediate level class students will learn more advanced techniques of mosiac art using stained glass, fused glass, found objects, etc.   Students must have their own hand tools and cost of class does not include materials.  Prerequisite: Mosaics – Quick and Easy

8 thoughts on “Mosaics Classes

  1. Hello,

    When will you be offering either the “Beginner Mosaics 101″ or the Intermediate Mosaics 200” classes?


    • Thanks for asking Allison. Markay did give me a time frame for the class and I forgot to put it on the calendar. I will make sure that in the next day or two I put the time on the calendar. First I have to ask Markay again for all the info.

  2. I too am looking for the beginning Mosaics class. I could not find it in the calendar. Do you know when the class will be offered?

  3. I still don’t see it on the calendar. Is the class just 2 weeks, at the same time? What time is the class ?

    • Dear Cindy, The Beginning Mosaic class is a two week class. It is currently on the calendar for October 25th-November 1st or November 8th-15th. The class is scheduled for 10-12.

  4. Is there a intro or beginning mosaic class in Feb or March? I don’t know where to find the calendar everyone is speaking of.

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