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Next Intermediate Class Starting!

Just a quick heads up!

The intermediate 8 week class starts Wednesday, the 1st of February. The cost of this class is $295 and includes your tool kit.

On your first night of class you will receive a punch card that has 24 squares for 24 hours of instructional time.  Each time you come in for class you will punch a square for every hour you are here working.  This gives you a little more flexibility for your schedule in case you have to miss a week or only want to stay for one or two hours.

The intermediate class is more individualized in that you will work with us to pick a project of your choosing and we will offer instruction on the individual things you need to know for your specific project.  At the same time – even if its something you don’t necessarily need to know for your project- you can listen in when we are instructing someone else on a specific technique. The bulk of your time will be spent honing your skills in pattern development, glass cutting and soldering. Abstract Class

And don’t worry if you can’t start the first Wednesday of February.  The beauty of this class is you can start whenever it works for your schedule.

We’ll explain more details of how the intermediate class works when you are here for your first class advanced classes.

Just call or email us if you want to start in February.  Hope to see you soon!

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May Classes still have openings!

Looking for something fun to do next month?  All our classes still have openings.  Daytime, Evening and Weekend.  Check out the calendar for dates and times.  Come join the fun – come back to glass!

Drop Mold Vase - Artist: Sharon Dolezal Advanced Fusing Class

Drop Mold Vase –
Artist: Sharon Dolezal
Advanced Fusing Class

Copper Foil Panel Artist: Suzanne Comella Advanced Stained Glass

Copper Foil Panel
Artist: Suzanne Comella
Advanced Stained Glass

coffee table 2






Sunburst Tabletop
Artist: Markay Suevel
Instructor: Advanced Mosaic

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Glaskolben Workshops are Posted



Its that time of year to start gearing up for the holidays!  We have lots of ideas for gift items you can hand craft, both easy and more complicated. Stop by the studio and check out the newest Holiday issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly, or all the holiday pattern books we have in our collection.

We have posted the dates and times for our annual Glaskolben workshops.  Cost is $125.00 which includes all your materials except the Mapp/Propane canister. Each student will need to provide one canister of Mapp/Propane fuel which can be purchased at any hardware store.  (See picture under Glass Blowing classes) Call today to reserve your spot.

Because we have limited space for these workshops, all students will need to pay for the workshop at the time they register to reserve their spot.  Unpaid spots will not be held.  Workshop fees will not be refunded if you are unable to attend unless we can fill your spot.  

Please note that we have added two workshops in December as well as three workshops in November.  

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Natalia’s First Mosaic

Natalia's First Mosaic

Natalia’s First Mosaic

Natalia has been going to town during our Saturday Mosaic Quick and Easy Class. Here is her first indirect method stepping stone. We will show this to you again when the cement has dried and by then Natalia will probably have her first mosaic direct method piece completed. I think we found the next Trudi Lloyd-Williams! Nice job Natalia.

Lake Forest Install

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I know several of my regulars have been watching this project unfold in our studio and they wanted to see the final project in place; so, here you go. For everyone else, the brief Reader’s Digest description and for those of you that know me that’s an oxymoron, is the homeowner came to Suevel Studios with the center round stained glass window wanting to somehow highlight the window in their sunroom. Doesn’t sound too hard until you understand that the homeowner’s great grandparent originally made the round window, which was coming apart and has hand painting on the glass that was not fired onto the glass. During the cleaning process special care had to be taken as to not remove the old paint. Once the cleaning and repair work was completed we took the round window and created a very simple design producing the now large rectangle window. Subsequently when we finished the main window we fashioned the two accent corner windows to compliment the main window. And there you have it finished and installed.

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Fusing Class Bowls

Its always fun to see what students make during their classes.  I cant tell you how many times we hear, “Im not very artsy”  “Im not very good”  “I could never make anything nice”.   Well here ya go another student that has created some real nice fused glass bowls.

Student Warm Work

Student Warm Work

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Holidays Are Over

tumblr_inline_mfwl62AaF21qb7wr3Holidays are over, the eggnog has been drunk and we are all stuffed to the gills with food. Bring on the New Years resolutions! The weather in Chicago has been great so far so get up, get out and come back to glass!  Classes start Tuesday Jan. 8. Sign up soon because once these classes full you’ll have to wait for the next set of classes. We can only hold your spot if paid in advance. And for the Saturday regulars, Bring on those mustard sandwiches!!!