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Need Some Help Again

Sorry to keep doing this to all of you, but if you wouldn’t mind and keep one of our regulars at the studio, Bob and his family, in your thoughts and prayers. We just found out that Bob will be undergoing some major surgery tomorrow and anything you can offer would be appreciated by his family and all of us at the studio.  Bob has been a regular here for thirty years. He parks himself in the corner with another regular, Bill, and they are like our Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet’s. You know the two old guys in the corner with all the bad jokes. Anyways some positive Chi would be nice.  Thanks.

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Jessica Radoicic Reported Missing

I need some support and help from all you.  A friend of mine has a relative that has gone missing. Please keep Jessica in your prayers and all you local folks please keep your eyes and ears open.  If you have a Facebook page or Blog please post this link and information. The more people that know the faster we might find Jessica.


The link below is to ABC  Local News with information.

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Found Our Halloween Treat For Next Year!

Thank Ruthanne and her Easybake Blog!  Here is our treat for Halloween next year.  Glass and cake nice mixture, only thing better is Glass and Grapes!