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Suzanne’s Abstract

We have been a little slow getting pictures out there for all of you to see. I figured I better start posting the art that is coming out of our studio; so, to kick things off I’m starting with Suzanne’s Abstract. This was a window she had done a little while ago and she is now working on another abstract in the studio. Her next window has a great combination of colors and shapes like this window, but it also incorporates a fused glass element in the design. ┬áCan’t wait to see the new window completed.

Suzanne's Abstract Suzanne's Abstract II

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Bob’s Final Window

Last year a good friend of our’s, Bob, passed away. Over the years Bob had become a fixture in our studio kind of like Statler and Waldorf in the Saturday night Muppet show. I think he had as much fun just coming in shooting the breeze and offering up his bad jokes as he did making stained glass windows. When Bob passed away he was in the middle of finishing off a window for his family that he started quite some time ago. Well, today we finished off his final masterpiece that we can now give to his family. Here’s to you Bob, thank you for sharing part of your life and family with us!

Bob's Final Window

Bob’s Final Window