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Glass Blowing Classes

  • Blown Glass Ornaments – 1 Session, 3 Hours. Cost: $125.00. Pre-requisite: None.  A fun and easy class where you will learn how to make fabulous blown glass ornaments. Each student will be given 10 glass tubes to fill with their favorite color or colors of glass and heat them with a torch. You will then blow the warm glass (actually its really hot) into a one-of-a-kind ornament.  Min. 4 Max. 8 students per class.  This class is only offered in November.

Participants must bring one (1) MAP/Pro tank to class which may be purchased at most hardware stores. 

Map fuel

Map fuel

8 thoughts on “Glass Blowing Classes

  1. I’m interested in the glass blowing class. When do you schedule this class? Thanks

  2. Is this introductory class your only glass blowing class or are there other classes including advanced classes?

    • Scott, currently this is the only class we are offering. We are hoping in the near future we will add more glass blowing classes.

  3. Will there be any glass blowing classes in January?

  4. I ‘m interested in a class thsy covers an introduction to glassblowing. Do you have one going on now?
    Debbie Trujillo

    • Hi Debbie, We are more of a stained glass/ fused glass studio. We offer one class in November and December for blowing glass ornaments. Its more of a lampworking glass than a glass blowing class. There are several glass blowing studios in the Chicago area that offer classes in actual glass blowing.

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