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Upcoming Schedule for Next Week

Next week we will be closed on Tuesday, July 1st as we will be taking the day to welcome back our youngest son, Justin who has been studying abroad this past semester in Vienna, Austria.

On Wednesday and Thursday, July 2nd and 3rd, we will be closing early, 4:00 PM instead of our usual 8:00 PM.

We will be closed on Friday, July 4th for the holiday.  And open regular hours on Saturday, July 5th.


Tuesday, July 1st – Closed

Wednesday, July 2nd – 10:00 – 4:00

Thursday, July 3rd – 10:00 – 4:00

Friday, July 4th – Closed

Saturday, July 5th – 10:00 – 4:00


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An Old Trick

Here is an old trick, this is nothing new, but it is a nice review for those of you starting out with stained glass and the copper foil technique.  Years ago I found this technique hard to believe; so, I tried this and to my pleasant surprise it really works.  When you are finishing up your panel and have decided to put a copper patina on your solder lines give this a try.




Before anything happens make sure that you have neutralized the patina and given your entire panel a good washing.  We like to neutralize the flux and then wash our panels in Orvus soap.  The reason for the Orvus is because Orvus is sodium lauryl sulfate. It is 100% biodegradable and does not contain any phosphates. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a “surfactant” – it removes residues that are oily. What it comes down to in simple terms (and the aspect that concerns us most) is that it is a “wetting agent.”  Orvus removes the surface tension and allows the water to do the cleaning.


Once that is done dry your panel with some clean rags or towels.  Now comes the strange part. Take a good polish like Liva for stained glass and put it on both side of your panel just like you would when you wax your car.  When the Liva has dried and come to a light haze all over the panel, buff all of it off with a clean rag turning the rag on a regular basis.


Liva and Novacan Super Bright


You are now ready to put on your Novacan Super Bright Copper Patina.  Pour some patina into a separate dish; we use a small dish like you would for Grandma’s custard.  Take a brush, or sponge and carefully go over all your solder lines being careful to not go on the outside copper framing.  When you are all done rinse your panel with water one more time then give it another Liva polishing and voilá a beautiful copper patina on your stained glass panel.



Applying the Patina

Try it, you’ll be amazed.












Finished Patina

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Finishing Off Intro Classes

We are finishing off all those Intro classes and switching over to all Beginning Classes starting the end of the month.  This will allow us to focus on the new Beginning classes, Church Work and starting some of our own creative work.  Don’t forget something big is coming soon!

Final Intro Classes

Final Intro Classes

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Inspiration, how many times have I heard that word bouncing around in my head and in the studio. How many times have I heard the new stained glass student say, I cant. How many times have I heard in the studio I love doing this, but its hard, I’m not an artist, I don’t have your talent, no one is going to like my piece, but I love to do this art and the list goes on and on. Well, I can tell you as I stepped into stained glass as a business I was scared too and still am sometimes, but it was something I wanted to do. A friend of ours, Tara, had posted this and it really hit a nerve with me. This is worth the minute plus watch…. 

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Summer Workshops Added to the Calendar

Looking for some fun, short glass classes this summer?  Well here’s your opportunity!

In June we will be hosting a Summer Stained Glass Workshop – Fabulous Garden Stakes. (6/21-6/28: 1:00-4:00)

2 sessions, 3 hours ea. Cost: $100.00 and includes 3 12″ copper rods; Students must have their own tools and supplies.
Join us this summer to make unique and charming stained glass garden stakes to decorate your yard or to give away as gifts. This course will give basic instruction in glass cutting and shaping, foiling and reinforcing a free form piece, soldering and finishing. Come celebrate the season with us!!

In July we’ll host a Summer Mosaic Workshop – Bird Bath Spectacular! (7/19 – 7/26; 1:00-4:00)

2 sessions, 3 hours ea. Cost: $100.00. Students will need to bring 2 10” terra cotta pots and one 16” terra cotta tray. Students must have their own tools and may bring in scrap glass from home or purchase glass at the class. Additional supplies needed may be purchased at the studio and include grout, adhesive, and silicone.

We saw the idea in Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine and thought, “How cool is this?!!” And then we thought, “What a great class this would make!” So join us this summer and create a lovely bird bath for your garden. Whether you have done mosaics before or are trying something new, this is a fun and easy class. Some glass cutting and shaping skills are helpful but not necessary. Students may use the pattern in the Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine or create their own design to apply to the terra cotta pots and tray. Note: some may need to do some work at home between classes or plan to book additional studio time to complete the project.

Finally, in August its our Summer Fusing Workshop – Wind Chime Extravaganza! (8/23 – 8/30; 1:00 – 4:00 PM)

2 Sessions; 3 hours ea. Cost: $100.00. Includes fusing fees. Students must have their own tools and supplies.
Looking for a way to create beautiful music for your garden or yard? Then this class is for you! Join us for a short lesson in fusing and then jump right into creating your very own unique wind chime. Topics covered may include glass cutting, shaping and cleaning, layering of glass to get different effects, kiln programming and finishing techniques. No fusing experience is necessary.

Students wishing to sign up for all three workshops will receive a 30% discount on the class fees when all three classes are paid for at the same time.  Students who have signed up for and paid for at least two of the workshops will receive 20% off tool and supply purchases at the time of the purchase.  No date changes or make-up classes.

Call today and reserve your spot.  Space is limited!


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Invitation Bottles

We had a nice lady come in and wanted to make a gift for a wedding. She wanted flattened bottles and then on the bottom side we attached the invitations. So, now the happy couple will have a nice cheese plate memento of their lovely wedding.

Invitation Bottles

Invitation Bottles