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Painting Pub Windows

One of the services that our studio provides is custom painting on glass with glass paints.  Here is the first part of the windows as Eric paints on the words for the pub.  We are in the process of putting together a few classes to learn how to paint on glass. The first class is going to be “Bringing your stained glass to the next level”  More information coming soon.
Canning Pub 2Canning PubCanning Pub 6

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New Artist

One of the great things of being an artist is meeting other artists.  I would like to introduce you to Jake. Jake has been coming into our studio for about a year now and he showed us a piece he has been working on and I had to share it with all of you. Jake is a self taught mosaic artist and the depth he shows with his work is, well see for yourself!

Without leaves and with leaves.  I hope to get one that has the grout added soon and we are hoping to have

Jake come to the studio and give a talk on how he thought out his piece.  Nice Work!

Jake Pardell Tree 2

Jake Pardell Tree

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How Sad

In the first and only census of arts education in Illinois public schools, they found almost all superintendents and principals agree the arts are essential to a well-rounded, quality education. Despite this, 1 in 5 schools report no programming in visual arts, theatre, music, or dance. What a mistake.

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Glass Art. What It Can Do For You.

So what are the benefits of art on the brain? When individuals create art and reflect on it, the processes, increase self-awareness, initiate awareness of others and help people cope with stress, and traumatic experiences. Art enhances cognitive abilities and provides individuals with the ability to enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art. Try glass, there are no limits! Intro Fusing 2

RackMultipart20130206-10322-i6dkgm_grid_6Click on the Link or the Photo to be taken to our newest Groupon deal.

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In introductory stained-glass courses, glass specialists bestow students with the materials necessary for completing a 4″x4″ panel using vibrant baubles of scrap glass. Instructors help with pattern making and glass cutting before divulging the secrets of the copper-foil technique, allowing students to artfully solder and finish their pieces. Participants emerge with a colorful, handmade panel. Students can celebrate Valentine’s Day in the two-hour introductory glass-fusing classes and use provided materials to forge a heart-shaped fused-glass pendant to be worn on a necklace or inset within a stained-glass piece.