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Glaskolben Classes are Posted for November

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Its that time of year again, folks!  Join us on a Saturday in November to blow your own glass ornaments for the holidays.  They make great gifts as an ornament or you can leave the pipette attached and use it as a plant watering device.  Either way its a fun filled day!   Markay Giving a Demo On GlasskolbenEach student receives 10 glass blanks to blow into their own personalized glass ornament.  Cost is $125.00 and includes all materials for the ornaments.  Students will need to bring one canister of Mapp gas with them to class.  Call today to sign up.

Saturday, November 5th, 9 – noon

Saturday, November 12th, 9 – noon

Saturday, November 19th, 9 – noon

Saturday, December 3rd, 9 – noon

Saturday, December 10th, 9 – noon

Students must be 18 years of age or older to take this class – NO EXCEPTIONS!  All students should come dressed in tighter clothing that is made of natural fibers.  Long hair should be tied back.  Students will need to plan to return later in the afternoon or on another day to pick up their annealed ornaments.  Minimum 4 students; Maximum 8 students.

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