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Ogden Ave. School Receives Window

Ogden Ave. School Receives Window

Ogden Ave. School Receives Window! Several months ago Suevel Studios was approached by parents of Ogden Ave. School in La Grange, IL. to see if there was a possibility that Suevel Studios could create a stained glass window that would not only represent the kids, but also tribute a child that had passed away during the past year.

After some consideration and careful planning Suevel Studios proposed that the kids make fused glass tiles that we would take and make a stained glass window. We did this with a wonderful woman from New Orleans, Patricia Muller, who had created fused tiles for Sandy Hook and turned the project into a large stained glass window, which was shown at the Washington National Cathedral.

After the tiles were made Suevel Studios spent time trying out several layouts. The main focus with the tiles was trying to place the tile of the child that had passed on in a prominent place of honor and what better place, but front and center.

Every tile was meticulously placed and soldered in position to create the pattern we chose. After weeks of discussion, glass cutting, fusing glass and building the window, Ogden Ave. School Receives the Window and now stands in a prominent place so everyone can enjoy the loveliness of the window every day.

Thank you Ogden Ave. School for the honor of making your tribute window!

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Beecher Mausoleum

So you saw the Beecher Mausoleum building that we are working on in an earlier post. Here is what we have to work with regarding the Beecher Mausoleum stained glass windows. Currently all the existing stained glass windows have been broken and/or shot out through the years and this is all that is left of more than about 20 windows. Our first step is to do rubbings and take a whole boat load of notes of what we have and then we will be doing a lot of research to get the project moving.  Suevel Studios is working with a nonprofit, Beecher Mausoleum, to remake and restore the old stained glass windows; so, the process is going to take a while, but all for a good cause.  This mausoleum holds one of President Abraham Lincoln’s body guards.

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Lake Forest Install

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I know several of my regulars have been watching this project unfold in our studio and they wanted to see the final project in place; so, here you go. For everyone else, the brief Reader’s Digest description and for those of you that know me that’s an oxymoron, is the homeowner came to Suevel Studios with the center round stained glass window wanting to somehow highlight the window in their sunroom. Doesn’t sound too hard until you understand that the homeowner’s great grandparent originally made the round window, which was coming apart and has hand painting on the glass that was not fired onto the glass. During the cleaning process special care had to be taken as to not remove the old paint. Once the cleaning and repair work was completed we took the round window and created a very simple design producing the now large rectangle window. Subsequently when we finished the main window we fashioned the two accent corner windows to compliment the main window. And there you have it finished and installed.

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Double House Window

Working had to keep pace with all our custom and repair work. After Saturday Markay got the double house leaded stained glass transom down to the final nitty-gritty.  All that is left is to add the cement and give it a good cleaning; so, it should be done this week!

Leaded Stained Glass Transom Under Construction

Under construction

Leaded Stained Glass Double House Transom

Almost Done