Chicago School of Glass Art

Chicago's Glass Art Studio


We are a full service glass studio that has offered classes for the glass arts for over 30 years. Including our own classes at the studio we teach for Harper College and also offer a lecture on “The History and Theology of Stained Glass”.  All of our instructors are well trained and educated in many fields.

Markay Suevel

As an ordained minister with a Masters Degree in Divinity, Markay brings an interesting liturgical perspective and understanding to the stained glass business. One of the classes Markay offers is a “History and Theology of Stained Glass.” Markay took her first class in stained glass 20 years ago and has continued to update her knowledge with classes, reading and working at the studio. She also comes from a large family of highly skilled and awarded artists.

George Porro

Born in Argentina, George came to the United States as a young man and went to work for Fugitti Studios doing piecemeal work. He brings a wide range of knowledge to the studio with over 40 years of stained glass experience from Fugitti Studios, Stained Glass City and Tiffany Nouveau in the early 70’s. With a solid foundation in stained glass work, George does primarily repair and restoration work for the studio.

Denise Fitzsimmons

After a career of teaching and educational publishing, Denise has focused her attention on developing her talents as an artist.  Her areas of expertise include stained and fused glass along with mosaics.

Patty Wojtowicz

With a background in education, Patty has taught at the elementary school and college level. From an early age, she was involved in numerous art classes in various media. For the past four years, Patty has focused on glass art, in particular stained and fused glass.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I am confused! Where are you located now, in Arlington Hts or Chicago and if Chicago, Where?

    • Don’t be confused Pat. Chicago is kind of a generic term. We are still located in Arlington Heights. 870 S. Arthur Ave. Arlington Heights, IL. And Thank you we added a map on the Contact Page. See Ya there!

  2. Are your classes open to lay people who want to do a project or two, or are your students serious art students?

    • Hi Kerstin, thanks for asking. No, our classes are open to everyone from serious artists to the “lay” person looking for a great hobby. We would love to have you!

  3. Great, I’ll check with my friend who wants to do it and we will sign up for a Saturday class probably

  4. you mentioned stepping stones – in glass or is it glass bits embedded in cement?

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