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Bronze Metal Stops

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Inside the Lane Tech Clock Tower there are bronze metal stops. These Bronze Metal Stops are helping to hold the glass from falling out and are placed on the inside and the outside of the clock tower.  In one area there is a missing bronze metal stop, so part of our job will be to manufacture a new one as a replacement. To accomplish the creation of a new stop we needed a model and what better place to get one, but to take one off the other clock faces.

We are using a method of reverse engineering with a laser to create the missing stop. Because the original Bronze Metal Stops were all cut by hand there are a lot of imperfections in all of them. With the ability to use a laser to create a template and computer program, it will allow us to pick up all those imperfections the original artisans left in the metal when they were originally cut.

The top picture you can see all the inside metal stop, the middle picture shows the stop we removed and the bottom picture shows the metal stop on the table of a laser scanner.


Taping Off Broken Glass

Inside glazing stop

Original Bronze Metal Stop


Laser Scan Stop

Laser Tracing the Original Stop


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