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Lane Tech Clock Tower

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Lane Tech

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We started to do our preliminary work at Lane Tech Clock Tower today.  Even though the glass is all one color it is set in place like stained glass. Today’s job was to create a log of the glass that is broken and missing, tape everything in place so when we remove the glass we can use it as a template for the new glass. After that we placed more tape on the glass, added a number and a letter ID and followed up with photos to create an archive of the windows.

The interesting part will be cutting the glass that is almost ¼” thick, but that won’t be done for several weeks yet because Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company, located in Kokomo, Indiana, is making the glass sheets for us and it will take about 4 weeks for it to arrive.

As things progress at Lane Tech Clock Tower we will keep you updated.

One thought on “Lane Tech Clock Tower

  1. Very Awesome!!!

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