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And The Running Continues!


Busy day number two! They woke up this morning running and it will continue for the day.  Last night they finished off with a dinner reception, more meetings and a gathering called Narrative 4.  Narrative 4? (I asked the same thing) Narrative 4 is where stories or events that happened to someone are told through other people with the hope and intent of breaking walls down and feeling what other people are feeling or have felt.

Today they are meeting with other Senators, more meetings including ours from Illinois followed up by a showing of the stained glass window at the National Cathedral. This evening will culminate the journey by being involved in a vigil.

So, ……now the next story of the Washington DC trip that I have to share with you.  When they got to the Cathedral to unpack the stained glass window to their sad revelation a couple of the pieces in the window were found cracked.  I can say for a fact, being a part of making the window, that it was built or is built like a tank. I have a theory about all this and you need to just go with it and cut me some leeway. If you listen to Patty’s beautiful story of how the window design came to be with butterflies showing up in her studio during the winter as if the souls of those wonderful Sandy Hook children knew what Patty was doing; well, this fits just like a gear in a machine. Those butterflies became the guiding spirit serving her, helping her all along the way in designing the window including finding us to build the window.

Today, when they opened the crate and found the cracked glass I think it was the souls of those couple of children. When all this started to come to together a simple photo of the children spiritually spoke to Patty and inspired her on each of those pieces of glass in the window. Every piece of glass represents one of the children or teachers that were brutally murdered at Sandy Hook. Of course being children and not always knowing how to get the attention of the adults taking care of them, they used what they had and cracked the glass.

They wanted everyone’s attention so they could say Thank You. Thank you for everything that was done for them. They saw what has transpired over these few short years and knew that everything is going to be OK. They have seen that people really do care and so the souls were letting go of the stained glass window and moving on now, moving on to better things. Knowing all well and good that others are watching over everyone and things will be taken care of in time.

Well, that’s my story and for me it’s true. I know the loving care and work that Patty put into the stained glass window. Something, whatever you want to call it, was pulling her and guiding her all along the way, kind of like a small child that grabs you by a finger and starts pulling you, endlessly, until you take them where they want to go and they wont stop until they are good and ready. Even bringing Patty to our studio 1100 miles away from her home to complete the window.

Yes tears were shed while we built this stained glass window, as I know some tears were shed this week in Washington DC. Those lost souls needed to say; they needed to somehow show that the tears were not shed in vain. That their short lives have not been lost or forgotten; that their lives, their souls indeed served a purpose in life. And they have. People have come together from all over, people are talking about gun violence, people are demanding change, people are hugging, people are crying, people are trying to understand the senseless of it all and all of these things are good.

I think that the souls, those little angles have been comforted by seeing all this and now are slowly letting go of this place and moving on.

Some of you may think something else, maybe even that I’ve lost it a little, and that’s fine. But I can tell you I experienced things that I am struggling to explain. And if it just brought some people together and that we created new friends with common concerns then there was no harm created.

To the Families and Friends of Sandy Hook, Patty and many others that all have been touched by this small gesture of caring and love of life. I wish you peace within your souls knowing that these lost souls have not been forgotten and they continue to live on in your hearts by the kind things that you continue to do each and every day, as hard as it can be sometimes. We are blessed to have been involved with this wonderful project. You will always be in our thoughts our meditations and our prayers.


Love always and forever,

Markay and Eric


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2 thoughts on “And The Running Continues!

  1. Lots of tears reading this one, Eric! Very touching!

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