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Hit The Ground Running!

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Well, Markay has made it to Washington DC and as she put it in a text, “Arrived and hit the ground running!”  Its 5:00pm East Coast time and The Sandy Hook entourage is making an impact at the Capital with Press Conferences and Legislative meetings and dinner reception with a few Senators and Congressmen.  As I write this I can feel the goosebumps and can’t help but have tears welling up as I see the pictures and get the info texted to me by Markay.  I am so proud of Markay, Patty and all the others! People can sit around and complain, but these people are showing how the system really works. Set up appointments with your Congressmen and go see them in person and voice your concerns! Harder to ignore when you are there in person.

1.) This first picture is the group leaving the First Presbyterian Church walking to the Capital for a FULL day of meetings.

2.) The Second picture are parents getting the opportunity to make their concerns heard.

3.) The Third picture is Nancy Pelosi talking to the crowd.

4.) OK, so the Fourth one is just a picture, but the impact is considerable. The picture is of classmates of the Sandy Hook kids and they are reading off the names of the kids that were killed in the school. These kids were there. 😦

5.) The last picture in this group number Five are the stained glass ladies getting ready to go to the dinner/reception with the Senators and Representatives.

WOW, and the day is far from finished! Onward to the dinner reception and maybe a few drinks then back to more meetings!

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