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Going To Washington DC!!!

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After some long work and support from a lot of people we are going to Washington DC with Patricia Muller this week!  That’s right we are going to Washington DC! This week is going to be a very busy in Washington DC with Press Conferences, Meetings with Legislative Committees and whole bunch more. We will post pictures and keep you up to date as we can or at least as time allows.

To shake your memories a little, earlier this year Patricia Muller came to our studio from New Orleans to help her put a Fused Stained Glass panel together for Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.  Now Patricia, Markay, from Suevel Studios and parents of Sandy Hook are meeting with Legislators in Washington DC about gun control.

One of the items that have been designed from the stained glass panel is a postcard. These postcards can be sent to your Representatives in Washington as a subtle reminder of the nefariousness of these and other senseless killings.

Thank you all again for your kind support and we will try and keep you updated.

The front and back of the cards.

Sandy Hook Cards

Sandy Hook Cards

Sandy PC FINAL_Page_2

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