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Introduction to Stained Glass Class Added to Calendar

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In an effort to help our Groupon, LivingSocial and Amazon Local customers redeem their vouchers, we have added one new Introduction to Stained Glass Classes to the calendar.  The new added date is: Saturday, May 3rd at 10:00 AM.  If you are still holding a voucher for the introductory level class and wish to sign up for a stained glass class, here’s your opportunity.  We still have availability in most of our Wednesday morning stained glass classes as well.  Mosaic and Fusing classes still have space on most dates.

Just a reminder that after June, 2014 we will no longer be posting class times for the Introductory level classes on the calendar.  After June, voucher values may be applied to the cost of a longer class.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the redemption of your voucher please contact the studio and speak to either Markay or Eric.



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