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2014 Summer/Fall Calendar is Posted

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Class schedules have been posted through the end of the year including several new Introduction to Stained Glass Classes.  Please note that we will no longer be posting the Introductory level classes on the calendar after June, 2014.  However, we will still offer the classes for private groups of five or more.  Please contact the studio for more information.  All of our four week “Quick and Easy” classes will usually begin the first week of the month, in some cases they begin on the second week of the month.  We are working on developing a “Quick and Easy” Bead-making/Lamp-working class, and will post that as soon as we have worked out the details.

We have always tried to limit the number of days we close the shop for personal reasons.  However, this coming year is our twin sons’ final year in college and both of them have several events that our family will be attending (including two graduation ceremonies–on the same day–in two different cities–three hours apart!!)  Since most of these events fall on a weekend, we will, of necessity need to close the studio on Friday/Saturday to attend.  Whenever possible, we will limit how many days we are closed and try to provide our customers, students and clients with advanced notice.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause–but hope you will celebrate with us the accomplishment of these two young men, of whom we are so proud, as they move to the next stage in their lives!

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