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Suevel Studios to Host the Latin School of Chicago


This coming week (March 17th – March 20) we will be hosting 12 high school students and 2 instructors from the Latin School of Chicago.  The studio will be closed to our students for classes and studio time during the day so that we can give our undivided attention to these young people and share with them the variety of ways an artist can work with glass.  During the four day intensive we will teach the students stained glass, fusing, mosaic, bead-making and glass blowing.  The young people will also be working on a larger stained glass piece of the school’s mascot which will be hung at the school when completed.

We will still be open during the week for retail customers who need supplies and glass, so please stop by and meet these newest members of our glass art family and share your own stories of working with glass as an artistic medium.  Lets inspire the next generation to continue this oldest of art forms!  romanXXVlogo

2 thoughts on “Suevel Studios to Host the Latin School of Chicago

  1. I had a great time in your stained glass classes, and I am so happy with how my pieces turned out! Thank you so much Eric and Markay, you both are excellent and patient teachers, which is much appreciated by those of us that are new to this!

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