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Caveat Emptor

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Way back when, in high school one of the mandatory classes we had to take was economics and during the class a phrase that was drilled into our heads was “Caveat Emptor” or “buyer beware.”  At the time I thought this was a silly phrase. People pay attention to what they are buying, don’t they? Well, I was wrong. With such a huge influx of imported STUFF coming into the US, the main concern people seem to have is how little they need to spend to get something. The problem with that sentiment is sometimes low cost means poor quality.

On a regular basis we have customers come in and ask if we can make them a stained glass lamp like the old Tiffany style lamps. After explaining to the customer what is involved in making a “Tiffany” lamp we shoot them a price; which, in turn is usually followed by the customer grasping their chest from the pain as they explain, “I saw one like that at (whatever store) for only $100.”  Luckily being a paramedic their chest pain doesn’t scare me. Slowly I walk them over to our Wall of Lamps that need to be repaired and show them why those lamps cost as little as they do.

In the picture you can see we are adding wire to the underside of the cap and running it along solder lines in hope that we can distribute some of the weight into the rest of the lamp shade.  Careful what you buy because you might get what you pay for.

George with lampLamp Soldering

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