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New Classes Added To the Schedule

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As always, we try to listen to our customers and students to see how we can make things better at the studio.  One comment that has come up a lot is that our classes are too long.  Many people have expressed a desire to take our classes but are unable to make the commitment of 8 weeks in a row.  The other comment that has surfaced on a number of occasions with new students is the cost of getting started in any of the glass arts.  So in an effort to make it more reasonable for those just starting out, and to make it easier on those already begun we have instituted new shorter classes/workshops with smaller price tags, Instructional Studio Time at $10.00/hour for those of you who have taken classes but may have just one project where you need a little more assistance, and maintained the cost of regular studio time (of $5.00/hour) for those of you who just want to come in and hang out. We still have our Studio Time Cards as well which allow you to purchase Studio Time in bulk and save some money.

For those just starting out in Stained Glass, Fusing, Bead-making and Mosaic we have shorter classes that run one day, two days or four days.  (See individual pages for class descriptions, costs and requirements).  For those working in Stained Glass already who wish to build on your knowledge you may sign up for a longer class which allows you a set number of Instructional Hours that you may schedule with the studio during any of the times designated for Stained Glass, (ie. Tuesday and Thursday mornings or Wednesday evenings.)  You don’t have to come every week or you can come more than once a week.  You will also have the option of purchasing Instructional Studio Time at $10.00/hour instead of a full class when you feel  you only need a couple of hours worth of time with an instructor.

For those who do fusing, we are going to offer a Beginning Fusing class that is four weeks long, after which you may come in to do studio time (at $5.00/hour) and/or attend Fusing Demonstrations of Advanced Techniques which we will offer twice a month on Thursday evenings.  The cost of the Demonstrations is $5.00 and you may stay afterwards for additional studio time (also $5.00/hour) if time allows.  You don’t have to have taken the Beginning Fusing class to come in for the demonstrations but you do have to have taken the class to stay for Studio Time.

As always our staff will be happy to answer your questions about any of our classes.  We hope this will make your glass art endeavors more productive!!

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