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See You Again My Friend

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As I write this I get tingles up and down my spine. Today we said Until We Meet Again to a good friend Ed Hoy.  Ed is the founder and owner of our Wholesale supply company for stained glass. From day one of meeting Ed I felt as if I had met a long lost friend.  It was never enough to just say Hi to Ed when you showed up, he always wanted a gentleman type handshake or a great big hug and that was only the start of your greeting. From there Ed always asked how we were doing and how our family and kids were and you could tell from the way he asked and how he responded that the question was filled with sincerity. He shared both life’s and business experiences with us and even shared several of his science experiments.  There are no words in the dictionary that can describe a man like Ed.  In my selfishness I cried today knowing that he has moved onto better places and it will be sometime before we see each other again.  The reason I share this picture is because the church we were at today had a wonderful tribute to Ed with massive stained glass windows that look like Zettler or Mayer may have done.    Look at the picture closely. What do you see? I think Ed was there telling us something, like I’m OK.  You see it?  See the little light ray coming in through the window?  That was not there until they brought Ed in and it went away when they brought Ed out!  Ed you are in our hearts and to you I say, We will see you again my friend.
Ed Hoy Funeral 2

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