Chicago School of Glass Art

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Attention all glass enthusiast’s the picture below is of two MIA (missing in action) artists.  They have been known to drive around in a black colored sedan with heated seats throwing empty beer bottles at little old ladies in cross-walks. Approach with caution their brains have been known to be armed and dangerous. If they are seen you should call the studio immediately! The one on the right is the ring leader the other is her side kick and trouble maker.  To make sure they don’t suspect anything should you see them immediately stick your tongue out at them and shove your left index finger in your right nostril; that is their gang sign and will keep you protected.


3 thoughts on “MIA

  1. One of these criminals has a birthday on Friday…old and on the run from the law!

  2. It must be the birthday. Susie’s is on Monday.

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