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We Got Your Back


Many of you know Eric as the Master of Glass; however, many of you are not aware that Eric is also a Professional Firefighter and Eric has a particular request from all of you.

Firefighters and Police are entrenched in tradition. Many of them are sayings such as  “Your worst day is our everyday”, “You go, we go”, or “I’ve got your back”.  When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans our Illinois firefighters went to the aid of New Orleans and helped protect their City while they recovered.

Now the East Coast needs our help!  So, the Des Plaines Fire Department along with the Des Plaines Police are coordinating a local relief effort for the people who have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

The effort “New York, Des Plaines Has Your Back” is collecting items that they are currently desperately in need of right now which are: cleaning supplies, mops, sponges, hoses, garbage bags, paper towels, fans, and dehumidifiers. In addition, they are in need of baby supplies, including blankets and disposable diapers, non-expired baby formula, hats, scarves, mittens, coats and blankets. Maybe even a card or letter letting them know we are here and “We got your back”!

As we enter this season of Thanks help us help those that are truly in need right now. 

4 thoughts on “We Got Your Back

  1. Where are they collecting these supplies?

  2. Do you need adult coats?

    • Tricia at this point we are taking all! We are finding out more and more that the damage is huge and people are in need of a lot of things. Thank you very much!

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