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The video posted below under the same headline is a video I took while attending a class this week taught by Jack and Mary of New Morning Glass located in Mt. Carroll, IL.  Eric and I stopped by to chat with them this past summer when we took our little vacation and found them to be friendly helpful artists who were excited to share their vast knowledge about glass-blowing.  Jack is a master glass blower and Mary has been a glass blowing artist for many years.  I took their Hot Knobs Class this past week, a two day class where we learned some of the basics of glass-blowing and hot glass torchwork.  It was so much fun, I bought a glory hole and we are planning on offering the class here at Suevel Studios sometime next year with Mary and Jack as instructors.  They spend the winter blowing glass at their studio and its not an art you want to be doing during the summer, so look for the class sometime next fall.  But if you have some free time this January through March take a ride out to Mt. Carroll and perhaps you’ll get to see a first hand preview of what’s to come.

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