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This really gets my goat! This is not stained glass its overlay, its FAKE! There is nothing wrong with the art and some people are OK with cheap, but it is not Stained Glass and to fool people into believing that it is is wrong! We had a nice woman come into our studio a while ago wondering if we could fix her stained glass window and we told her yes we could fix stained glass. A few minutes later she carried in 5 foot by 18″ transom that was made from overlay; FAKE STUFF. I explained to her that we could not fix her window. She became very upset with me and pointed out that I said I could fix stained glass. It was then I pointed out that what she had was not stained glass and I showed her the difference between what she had and what we do. She became so upset and explained that the woman that made the window for her told her it was stained glass and to top it off what I would have charged her for REAL stained glass would have been about the same. Brings a true meaning to “caveat emptor”, buyer beware. There are people out there that are willing to mislead people to make a penny. The sad thing is that it gives those of us that make REAL stained glass look bad. Please be careful and if its too good to be true it probably is!

5 thoughts on “NO ITS NOT!

  1. Besides … working with you and Markay is so much more fun!

  2. Vivian, not sure what I did, but you were deleted unintentionally. My issue is all the quotes inside the article, “Want to know how create your own stained glass window?” , ” stained glass paint”, ” “lead” strips”. They are all misleading and incorrect. And as far as kooks coming into our studio the only kook was the so called stained glass artist that wasn’t. As far as “caveat emptor” people look at this stuff and come in here on a regular basis asking for something that is NOT Stained Glass. Thanks for your opinion though.

  3. Not everyone is out to fleece you. Or to disrespect the work of artisans. Some people can’t afford a craftsman’s work. Some just get enjoyment out of DIY. The author put “lead” and “solder” in quotes, which tells me that it isn’t real lead or real soldering.
    I’ve done some real stained glass, and I’ve done this paint overlay. Sure, the real thing is beautiful and lasts forever – but it is much more expensive.

    She’s not auditioning to have her work hung in your gallery – she’s saying it is good enough to brighten her foyer. Rather than tear down her humble attempt, maybe you could show how awesome her idea would be if brought to the next level and done in real glass.

    Martha Stewart doesn’t claim to be Rembrandt; crafting and craftsmanship shouldn’t always be compared.

    • Points taken, it is still not stained glass. She is selling something when you are explaining how to do something. Call it what it really is, Overlay. Proper vocabulary is an important issue especially when someone is showing how to do something. I wouldn’t go on a DIY site or show and tell people it’s drywall when I’m using cement board.

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