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What can I do with all my scrap glass?

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On a fairly regular basis we get students and customers coming in with a box of scrap glass asking us to take it off their hands.  While we don’t mind taking donations of scrap glass (we use it for our introductory classes) here are a few suggestions for you instead.  If its stained glass why not try taking a mosaic class and learn some techniques for creating beautiful pieces of glass art in a different way.  Mosaic allows you to use very tiny pieces of stained glass and the best part is you don’t have to foil them or solder them!!  If you have small pieces of scrap fusing glass, that too can be used in mosaic work (either cold mosaic or Hot Mosaic) or as frit in a fused project.  Keep your small pieces of scrap glass in a box and when you have a sufficient amount you’ll be able to make some beautiful creative pieces.

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