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Stuck Beads

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Having problems with your beads sticking to that mandrel?  No matter how well you put on that bead release you always manage to get a couple of beads that just don’t want to come off the mandrel.  When this happens there are a couple of things you can do. First make sure that you soak those beads in water for a couple of hours; hopefully, some of that water will work its way in a loosen up the bead release.  Once you have done this grab the mandrel with a vise grip and then grab the bead with a dry wash cloth. Slowly twist the bead in one direction and the mandrel in the opposite direction. Most of the time this works great for me, but if that does not work here is a strange idea that will. Go and get yourself a riveting tool. Yep you read that right a riveting tool. Feed the mandrel through the hole where the rivet goes and slowly squeeze the handle. The mandrel well slowly get fed through and when it gets to the glass bead it will either loosen the bead and you can just pull it off or it will just push the bead off as you squeeze the handle.  Great thing with this idea is that you wont bend up our mandrel! Give it a try you’ll be amazed!

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