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Struggling With Ideas

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When you are struggling with ideas for your next piece and seem to have hit that mental roadblock try a few things to see if it removes that obstacle and allows the creative juices to flow again.

Share your thoughts and feelings with others. Sometimes when you get into a conversation with a friend it helps to start those ideas moving again.

This is the one I really like, observe! That’s right sit back and become an observer of the world and the things around you.  How lines in that tree come together, colors in the sky blend together to make that wild purple color. How many have sincerely looked at something and imagined how it would look like in a drawing, stained glass or in fused glass?

Collect your inspirations. Start a binder, or use a little zip drive. I carry a little black book a Moleskin style from Barnes and Noble or use your smart phone and start collecting images and drawings to help give you ideas.

There will be times that nothing seems to come to you. Don’t fight it because the more you struggle trying the harder it becomes to come up with ideas. Let it go and go do something else and in time something will come to you! Can’t wait to see your next project I know its gonna be great!

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