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Soldering Lines

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I’ve had several people asking me about my solder lines.  Specifically how I get my lines on copper foil so clean and nice looking. I can tell you there is no real magic going on here. It is a mixture of drawing the soldering iron nice and easy across the copper foil, feeding enough solder into the iron and not using a ton of flux. Additionally, make sure you are soldering with a hot soldering iron.  After a little practice you will figure out the pace needed and things will flow perfectly every time. Most important though:  Don’t fuss too long in one area and if you make a smudge, leave it alone and go back to it later.  Most people that make a mess of their solder lines fuss over them like paint and that is a big mistake. We hope to have video available on our site in a short time so we will be able to show you.

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